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We are the largest student squash club in the Netherlands, G.S.S.V. Squadraat. Besides free play (toss), training and tournaments we also organise socials and other activities.
If you'd like to meet us and hit a few balls, send an email to

Why become a member of Squadraat?


Divided over four levels, from Monday to Thursday, you can follow training in the evenings.


Tuesdays 19:00 to 21:00 and Thursdays 21:00 to 23:00 members can play freely on six courts.


Three times a year there are week tournaments, with a club championship at the end of the year.


One Wednesday a month at café De Doos, where you're welcomed by the BoCo (commitee).


There's activities regularly, like the annual Squadraat Weekend and the Batavierenrace.


In the Northern Euregio Competition six Squadraat teams play on three different levels.

Want to become a member?

Allows you to play squash for four hours a week (Tuesdays 19-21h and Thursdays 21-23h) at the toss. These are the hours where the courts are available for all members.

You can also participate in all activities, socials and tournaments. For some activities require additional payments, which is always announced in advance.
Would you like to follow training, for an hour or more a week, in a training group of your own level? This is possible for €41,- a season extra.

When you're assigned a training spot, you'll be charged €25,- as a deposit. This deposit will be retained when you're not attending training too many times without informing us.
That aside, at Squadraat you can play competition for €45,- a season. This includes an extra hour of competition training a week in a group of your competition level.

Playing competition means you're playing about two matches on a Sunday afternoon a month, either at the Aclo, Stadjershal or at another squash centre in the North of the

*: It's also possible to request a membership and training for half a year. Of course this comes with a reduced fee. We'll handle this for you!

Sign-up form

Request your membership by filling out the form below. We'll get back to you within a few days and make an appointment with you at the courts to fill out the paper form. You can already request more information on training and competition ahead of this!