Running Dinner

Hi there new member of Squadraat!

Many of you have participated in the introduction tournaments during the last two weeks. During the introduction tournaments many of you already signed up for the first introduction activity:The Running Dinner!

The running dinner is an event which is organized for you, as a new member, to get to know the other new members of Squadraat. Also, you will meet the members in the Candidate Board, BoCo (BorrelCommissie/Drinks Committee), ToCo (ToernooiCommissie/Tournament Committee), AcCo (ActiviteitenCommissie/Activities committee) and us, the PromoCo (PromotieCommissie/Promotion Commission) and Squadroddels Committee (SquaCo). They will tell you which activities they organize for you throughout the year.

What: Cheap, three course dinner and drinks;). In small groups you will travel by bike to different committees and candidate board. They will serve you a home made course at their home, after which you travel to the next house for the next course.

When: Wednesday 29th of September 17.15 – 20:30

Where: Meeting point at Partycafe de Doos at 17:15. From here we will split up in groups and travel by bike to the first course/committeehouse. (Oh, on thát bike!:))

Costs: Approximately only 5 euro’s!After the running dinner, the first social of the season will take place at Partycafe ‘De Doos’ where we will all meet together after the dessert and which all members of Squadraat are invited. Even more chances to meet the other Squadrateers/squash players!

You can sign up for the Running Dinner here (members only)