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We will be organizing the introduction tournaments during the first two weeks of September. These introduction tournaments are the perfect opportunity to try out …
It is once again time to sign yourself up for the greatest student sports association of Groningen! Do you like a good workout? Are …

Why join Squadraat?


It does not matter if you have never played squash before or beat everybody who dares to play a game against you. Squadraat offers training for all levels of squash; Basic, Intermediate Low, Intermediate High and Advanced. There will always be a training group that suits your needs. Want to join us for a trial training? You can do so by sending an email to internal-affairs@squadraat.nl. 


Wil je onze leden wat beter leren kennen? Dat kan perfect op één van onze tosses. Op dinsdag- en donderdagavond bieden we tosses aan. Dit zijn uren waarbij je vrij kan spelen tegen andere leden van Squadraat. Daarnaast spelen we er vaak ook diverse spelvormen, zoals driekwarten of 15-en. We zouden het erg gezellig vinden als je een keer vrijblijvend komt tossen!


Are you not only looking for a sporty association but also a social association? Then Squadraat is the place to be! Squadraat has monthly gatherings in our trusty Café de Doos in which we talk about everything but Squash. Not up for a drink? Squadraat has regular non-squash related activities such as pub quizzes or our legendary Squadraat weekend which is organized once every year.


Sick of always playing against the same set of people? Join one of Squadraat’s teams in the Euregio competition. The Euregio competition as a wide range of levels to play at, ranging from people who have never played to the masters of the sport. Not ready to take on other associations but you do want some practice in competitions? Squadraat regularly organizes free internal tournaments to give you some extra practice.

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