Social March 2

Dear Squadraters! 💙💛

FINALLY! We can party again. That also means it is about time for the next social of Squadraat. We will be having a themed social: Weird Hats! So get your sombrero, helmet, Christmas hat ready and have a drink with us on the 2nd of March in Partycafé de Doos. The person with the coolest/weirdest hat will get a nice surprise, so be creative! 🥳
The social will start at 21:00. During the social there will be an happy hour from 22:00 till 00:00, during which beer/wine/soft drinks/domestic spirit drinks will only cost €1,50. After happy hour, drinks cost €2,50.

See you at the social and yours truly,
The BoCo 💙💛