Workshop Squash Analysis with Ahad Raza

Are you ar real squash diehard? Are you looking to improve your game at any cost, but hard-pressed to work on your play outside regular training hours? Well friend, wish and be tired no longer. Our fantastic TecCo has managed to get none other than Ahad Raza -top 10 player and professional coach from Canada- to aid you in this endeavour!

During a one-hour online workshop on the 17th of May, Ahad will talk about the common mistakes in squash play and use some of the videos from our YouTube channel (harvested from the videotrainings a week before) to give personalised feedback! Do you feel your adrenaline pumping as you read these words? Then be sure to apply for the workshop via the following link.

Are you interested in who Ahad Raza is en what he stands for? You can visit his website using the following link.

See you on the 17th!