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Here you will find all the information you need to know before joining Squadraat. If you have any questions, don’t be shy and send an email to

Everything you need to know


€46 per year

Met een basislidmaatschap kan je 4 uur per week (dinsdag 20:00-22:00 en donderdag 20:00-22:00) squashen bij de toss. Onze tosses bestaan uit uren waarbij je vrij een balletje kan spelen. Daarnaast kan je deelnemen aan al onze activiteiten, borrels en toernooien. Voor sommige activiteiten worden extra kosten in rekening gebracht (Dit wordt voor de activiteit bekendgemaakt). Voor een basislidmaatschap betaal je slechts €46,- per seizoen of €25,- per semester*. 

*In order to be applicable for a basic membership you are required to have a valid valid ACLO card.

Would you also like to have training tailored to your skill level? That is possible for an additional €42,- per year. During these trainings own of our trainers will teach you everything there is to know about squash and how to get better at your own game. Do you only want to follow training for one semester? That is also possible for only an additional €22,- per semester. In order to follow training, you do need to also have a basic membership.

When you start training a deposit of €25,- will be automatically withdrawn from you account. This deposit will be refunded once you stop training unless you miss too many trainings without signing off in time.


€42 extra per year


€45 extra per year

Do you want to show the world your skills? Squadraat takes part in the Euregio competition. For an aditional €45,- per year you can join one of Squadraat’s competition teams. When you sign up for competition you may also join the competition training for free! If you do not want to join our competition team but do want to follow competition training, you can do so for an aditional €24,- per year or €15,- per semester.


If you join a competition team, you will play a match once per month. These matches will take place on a Sunday somewhere in the Northern Netherlands.

Do you not have your own equipment yet? Not a problem! Squadraat has rackets that you can borrow during the tosses and trainings. We also always have an abundance of different balls to play with. This saves your from having to buy expensive equipment right off the get-go. If you do want to buy your own material, you can make use of one of our introduction deals. These deals are a racket, basic membership and ball for extremely good prices.

Registration Form

In order to register for a membership at Squadraat, please fill out this form and sign a SEPA-form for payment authorization. The payment authorization form will be signed on a later date. 

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