SquaLadder 2021 – 2022

Dear Squadrater,

We are going to start the SquaLadder again! The SquaLadder is an annual internal competition of Squadraat in which you can challenge other players close to you in the ranking and climb the ladder if you win matches. The SquaLadder enables you to play matches against other Squadraters on a regular basis, besides the tournaments we organize a couple of times a year.

We’ll be using the online platform Wotscore to keep track of scores and ranking. You will be assigned a position by us on the ladder shortly after registration. This starting position is partially determined randomly but also depends on your level of play. The ladder is a lot of fun for all training levels, from Basic to Advanced, as we try to keep the level difference between players who can challenge each other not too large. If you challenge someone and win the match, you will take the loser’s position on the ladder. You can play a match during the toss, before/after training or book a court outside of Squadraat hours. Fill out the result on Wotscore and write a funny match report if you’d like. We expect you to play a match regularly. It’s most common for a match to play a best of 5, but you are free to decide to play a best of 3  instead if both players prefer that.

At the end of the season, we will organize a final tournament for which not only the players at the top of the ladder will be invited, but also the most active players.

Participation in the SquaLadder is completely free of charge! To sign up you  first have to create a Wotscore account at www.wotscore.com. Unfamiliar with Wotscore? Check out the Wotscore demo at https://www.wotscore.com/demo

Once you have a Wotscore account you can sign up for the SquaLadder 2021-2022 at www.wotscore.com/competitions/6822. After signing up, your position assigned by Wotscore is below the position of the ToCo account. At this moment you are not yet allowed to challenge other players. We first have to manually assign you to a position which is higher than the position of the ToCo account. Once you have been assigned ( partly by lottery ) to a position which is higher than the position of the ToCo account you are allowed to start challenging other players and you can immediately start playing ladder matches against other players.

The current status of the ladder can also be found at www.squadraat.nl/en/competition.

If you have any questions, please let us know and we hope to see you on this year’s ladder!

The Tournament committee,

Elena, Gina, Jeroen, Jutte and Dennis