Training Deposit Policy G.S.S.V. Squadraat

The training deposit policy applies to every member that follows training, regardless of the number of hours or the type of training. This policy has been created with the aim of regulating the attendance at training sessions. The following section will explain the policy in further detail.

Every (new) training member will receive or has received information regarding the deposit policy via an e-mail from the commissioner of internal affairs or the secretary. If a member participates in training, a deposit of 30 euros will be collected. Every training member must sign off for training - via the website - before 12:00 on the same day if they are unable to attend. This can be done via If a training member fails to sign off, in a timely manner, 3 times per semester (i.e. September – January or February – July), he/she will lose the training deposit. The commissioner of internal affairs is responsible for checking and keeping track of the deregistrations. If a training member has lost the deposit, he/she will also be notified by email.             

Furthermore, if a training member does not unsubscribe (correctly) from a training a total of 5 times per semester, his/her training spot can be given to someone else on the waiting list, provided said training is at an appropriate level for that person. If the training member who has lost his/her deposit still wants to continue training, he/she will be placed on the waiting list instead.

There is a possibility that, due to circumstances, a training member will not be able to unsubscribe before the deadline. In that case, he/she can send an e-mail to the commissioner of internal affairs on the day of the training, stating a valid reason. The commissioner of internal affairs will then decide whether or not the reason is valid. Signing off from a training should therefore not be done via the trainer, in order to avoid miscommunication.

The training deposit will be returned when a training member leaves Squadraat or when he/she no longer wishes to train and requests the deposit back.

If there are any questions regarding the training deposit policy, please feel free to send an email to