Week tournament in week 46: 15-18 November

Dear squash enthousiasts,

We like to invite you to participate in the first squash week tournament of this year.

The tournament has four different playing days. The matches you play are against people of your level. This is a superior chance to apply the skills you acquired during the tosses and/or trainings so far in a match! There are no costs.

On each day, a different level will play:

Monday 15-11, from 19-23: Advanced

Tuesday 16-11, from 18-22: Basic

Wednesday 17-11, from 18-22: Intermediate Low

Thursday 18-11, from 18-22: Intermediate High

You can sign up by sending an e-mail to toco@squadraat.nl, or by responding to the announcement on the Facebook page of Squadraat.

Please write down your name and your level when you sign up.

There is a maximum of 24 participants each day, so make sure to sign up quickly!

If you are not sure about your level, you can ask one of the trainers, someone of the board or us.

Rackets are provided, if you do not own one.

During the week tournament, all trainings are cancelled. The tosses on Tuesday and Wednesday are also cancelled. The toss on Thursday from 21-23 starts a bit later: from 21:30 to 23.

See you on the courts!

The Tournament committee,

Elena, Gina, Jeroen, Jutte and Dennis