Weekend tournament on April 18: King of the court!


There can be many reasons why Easter Monday is such a lovely day. Some celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, others mainly think it’s great that there is an extra free day, and still others enjoy the abundant supply of chocolate Easter eggs available everywhere. We, the tournament committee, know another very good reason why Easter Monday is such a joy this year: the second weekend tournament is planned for 18 April, from 14:00 to 18:00. Yes, a weekend tournament on a Monday!

The theme of this tournament is ‘King of the Court’. We will play 15s, with an extra competitive twist! (See below this message for a short explanation of what ’15s’ is.) You can advance courts by winning matches to compete against fellow Squadraters of different levels. Just like previous weekend tournaments, players of all levels are invited.

Signing up can be done by replying to this message, sending an email to toco@squadraat.nl or by letting us know through the Facebook event of the tournament. Signing up can be done until Monday 18 April 10:00. If you signed up but you cannot make it, it is important to sign off before Monday 18 April 10:00. The costs of the tournament are €2,50. This will be automatically be deduced from your bank account with the next Squadraat transaction. We will make sure there is an irresistible lunch and a fine selection of drinks available. There are also prizes for everyone!

During the previous weekend tournament, the Target Practice, Bas proved himself to be the precision king of Squadraat. We are very curious to find out who will ascend the throne of this 15s-tournament. The throne is not necessarily reserved for a King: we would be very happy to welcome a Queen of the Court at the end of the afternoon. All trainings on that day are cancelled, so what is stopping you from joining!

We hope to see you on the courts in two weeks!

ToCo (Dennis, Elena, Gina, Jeroen & Jutte)

PS.For those of you unfamiliar with ’15s’: you play a game of squash using the regular rules, using the whole court, against one opponent, but there are three people on the court. The person not playing is in the back of the court. The game lasts until one person has reached 15 points (hence in the name!). The winner of each point keeps playing and will receive the service from the person who did not play. The points 13, 14 and 15 need to be achieved consecutively. For example, if you loose a rally if you had 14 points, you return to 12 points.