Squadraat Introduction Tournaments 2021-2022

Oof, it’s been a crazy two weeks! Time to have a look back on the Squadraat introduction tournaments (6th to 9th and 13th to 16th of September). Full of good cheer, squash anecdotes, as well as liters of lemonade and marshmallows we got started, and we weren’t disappointed. Pretty soon, the KEI-week and ESN-weekend enthousiasts started trickling into the squash courts; some of them woefully aware of the lack of experience, others calm and collected. There wasn’t any need for worry however, as the purpose was simply to have fun, which I dare say we accomplished!

Many had just finished their first few days of classes, so all the more reason to flex those muscles and let the blue and yellow soar across the courts! We’ve squashed, we’ve cheered and met tons of new people, including some new members. To our new squash brothers- and sisters-in-arms, we say: welcome! To our future members, we say: what’s taking you so long? This is undoubtedly going to be a great year and we’re happy to have you with us!

And now, time to announce the winners:

6-8: TBA
7-8: TBA
8-8: TBA
9-8: TBA
13-8:🥇Alek,🥈Hanjo,🥉Joao Paulo/JP
14-8: 🥇Jan,🥈Lars,🥉Pim
15-8: 🥇Arash,🥈Rianne,🥉Emma
16-8 (photo missing): 🥇Lukas,🥈Yannick,🥉Casper

Congratulations to the winners! Quite the achievement! To those who didn’t make it to the podium: we’ve really enjoyed watching your efforts on the courts as well and hope you’ll join us again soon enough! 💙💛