Mater & Pater wanted!

Dear Squadrater,

To strengthen the social cohesion between new and existing members, we would like to give new members the opportunity to get to know both the association and other members better in an interactive way. Therefore, we are introducing the Mater-Paternity!

Mater and Pater? What does that mean?

A Mater or Pater is an existing member who will be paired with a group of 4 to 6 new Squadraters. Within this group, the intention is to undertake fun activities together in order to get to know Squadraat and the student life of Groningen. Think of eating together, going to town, convincing each other to go to the tosses, going to the movies, game night. You name it, everything that makes life in Groningen beautiful! The board will also organize some activities next year between the Mater-Pater teams. 

Of course, there are always new members who only want to focus on the sport of squash and are less interested in the social aspect of Squadraat. Therefore, it is completely voluntary for both new and existing members to sign up for the Mater-Paternity. 

Would you like to become the Mater or Pater of a group of new members so that you are the reason why they will have a fantastic first year at Squadraat? If so, please volunteer sending an email to You can respond until Sunday, September 25.

After all applications are in, we will make a division between the Mater-Pater teams, and we will also schedule a meeting with all Maters and Paters to discuss the expectations for the upcoming year.

We look forward to receiving your email!

On behalf of the 2022-2023 Candidate Board