Week tournament April

It’s our pleasure to announce this year’s third and final week tournament! This will be another chance to trump that one player (again)! Just like the last tournaments, we will play on 3 different nights. The tournament will be on the next dates:

– Basic + intermediate low: Tuesday April 9 18.15-22.00h (Squadraters only)

– Intermediate high: Thursday April 11 18.15-22.00h (Squadraters only)

– Advanced: Monday April 8 18.15-22.00h

As always, participation is entirely free for Squadraters and there will be lemonade, snacks and for the top 3 also prizes! You can borrow a racket from the cabinet and we will provide the balls. Sign up via this link!

Set up
We will play according to the same schedule as before this year. It works like this: instead of a group phase, you will first play a Swiss phase with ‘best of one’ matches (so 1 game) against another player each time, until you have either won or lost 3 times. This determines whether you join the upper or lower bracket in the second phase of the night: the best-of-3 knock outs. However, we will try and completely fill out the ranking, so you can always play multiple matches in this phase too!

If you have any doubts about what level you should join, you can always ask us or one of the trainers for advice. If you have any questions, you can send them to toco@squadraat.nl, of ask one of us at the courts. Unable to make it the entire night? Let us know and we’ll try and arrange for you to play half of the night. We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we do!
See you at the courts!
The Tournament committee: Jasmine, Emiel and Willemien