Candidate board 2020-2021

Dear Squadraters,

After an exciting week with a new “reveal” every day, the moment is finally here! We are your new candidate board of 2020-2021 with a photo that is definitely not photoshopped . This announcement was a bit different from the other years. Instead of celebrating in our beloved café de Doos, we were at home. Still, the online announcement was a blast, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Because we cannot play squash for a little while longer, we are already starting with our policy plan for the upcoming year. Everyone is welcome to send us suggestions, ideas or whatever to, because your opinion is of course very important to us. We are really looking forward to this year and we hope to be able to play squash again as soon as possible and see you on the courts!

Candidate board 2020-2021:

Chair: Jamil Karchoud

Secretary: Iris Topal

Treasurer: Nick Barten

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Fons Poon

Commissioner of External Affairs: Simon de Jong