Hier vind je alles over onze teams, interne toernooien en de Euregio competitie. 

Euregio Competition

Squadraat takes part in the Euregio competition with teams on three different levels. The D-competition is designed for people with little to no experience playing competitions. The skill level is slightly lower, and the focus is shifted to enjoying the sport. The games played at the C-competition are more competitive and thus the skill level required also increases. The B-competition is the highest possible level to play at in the Euregio competition. Squadraat proudly also as some players at this level.

The Euregio competition is played as a team. You are ordered within you team based on your skill level. You will always play against the opponent’s player in the same rank as you. Therefore, the games are always relatively evenly matched. In total you will play eight games per season. These games always take place on Sundays between 13:00 and 17:00 and will always take place in the Northern Netherlands.

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Competition Teams

Squadraat 1

Fons Poon

Dennis Visser

Lukas Van der Sluis

Bronger Spandauw

Jelke Take

Kiro Janssen


Squadraat 2

Zwonni de Blouw

Ferdinand (Jakob) Schreier

Jeroen de Mooij

Squadraat 3

Casper Blaauw

Jelke Take

Henrique bravo

Nikolina Gavrilovic (back-up)


Nick Barten

Corne Vroomen

Jasmine Kiers 

Internal Competitions

We at Squadraat really love internal tournaments. We love them so much that we even have a committee dedicated to organizing these tournaments, the Tournament Committee (ToCo)! The ToCo is responsible for organizing all our internal tournaments and takes care of our Squaladder. 

During the week tournaments, a mini tournament will be held each day for the different skill levels. These tournaments are a good opportunity to play against some members of your own skill level, see if you can keep up with a skill level higher or sit back and enjoy how the advanced players make everything look so easy. The weekend tournaments usually have some fun twist, for example a balloon tournament or a dress theme.

At the end of each year, we always want to settle who is the best player among the ladies and the gents of Squadraat. We battle this out during our club championships. First one must qualify for the tournament. Once you have passed the qualifications, you will have the opportunity to fight for the best title you can ever receive: The best player at Squadraat.